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"Buying the Farm"

"Buying the Farm"

McSweeney's Internet Tendency

"Another Day in Bricksburg"

"Another day in Bricksburg"

Notable Awards




"You Do You" The Center for Fiction

"Masks" in February 2019 issue of Literary Mama

"Buying the Farm" selected for New Stories of the Midwest 2018

Andthen things fall apart

And Then Thnigs Fall Apart. Sylvia Plath

Chicken Pox. Sylvia Plath.  

Angst galore.

A Junior Library Guild selection.

Pen parentis

Pen Parentis.  Melissa Guion. Arlaina Tibensky

Board member of Pen Parentis , a non-profit  that promotes and supports writers who are parents. Are you writer who is also a parent?  

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